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What We Do

What We Do

Your Collaborative Sounding Board

“I am comfortable bringing difficult topics to my peers and find that the open discussions lift issues to the strategic perspective, presenting new ways to develop far-reaching solutions.”

—Scott Weicht, President, AP Development


It’s an old business cliché that life can be “lonely at the top” for CEOs and top executives. Like many cliché’s, there’s more than a little truth to that statement. Often CEOs and founders don’t have support readily available. Many times big decisions or concerns face CEOs and the right decision isn’t always cut and dried. You normally can’t reach out to your team with these struggles and certainly can’t reach out to your board.

We Are Here for You

At EAG we’ve all come to depend on one another and we don’t take our relationships for granted. Our monthly meetings with peers provide so many opportunities to gain insight, advice, feedback and support from like-minded CEOs.

“I was being pressured by a large client to create an exclusive agreement for a proprietary research platform, and the EAG team not only talked me through ways around the pressure, but also provided an idea that helped me broaden the scope of my platform and created revenue streams in areas we hadn’t considered while keeping that client.”
—Liz Diedrich, CEO, Diedrich RPM, EAG Member.

Our Members