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The Chairs

The Chairs

Collaborative Leadership

The EAG chairs not only have decades of senior leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies on their resumes, they are both veterans of other CEO groups. They have combined their experience to create a CEO group that incorporates the most effective and beneficial aspects of collaborative sessions, while leaving behind the ego and “what’s in it for me?” connotations that can be a part of other executive groups.

The chairs at EAG understand that putting 10-12 CEOs in a room together can bring about great ideas, identify and coach problem areas, and develop a collaboration that has endless potential.


Chandler McCoy – Founder and Chair

I was first a dues paying member of EAG before Dave Pearce and I bought the business from the prior owner, so I know what the members like and don’t like. Dave and I both saw the value in the member experience, and collaboration shared among the members and thought we could do it even a bit better. We have members that have been with us since before it was re-branded as EAG and we’ve grown since then. What makes us unique is I am a partner in a retained, executive search firm and this gives me relationships with Presidents, CEO’s and owners that other CEO roundtable Chairs just don’t have and it makes for a better mix of mid to large size company members. The roundtables have been a great tool for my search practice and I enjoy facilitating discussions for the group.

Dave Pearce

Dave Pearce – Founder and Chair

Along with Chandler, I was a member of the Presidents Network. We were so passionate about the discussions around business challenges, opportunities, sharing best practices, and coaching CEO’s, we purchased the business from the original owners. My background is sales, marketing and senior leadership (CEO/President), and I enjoy learning new businesses, digging into the key drivers of those businesses and applying best practices to help the CEO’s move their organization forward. EAG is set up as a roundtable where we can share confidential information and provide insights for the CEO to apply to their business right away. Given the pressures of shareholders and the need to create compelling vision, strategy and employee engagement, the process we use really drives results.

The Chairs

Greg Albrect

Greg Albrect Chair

David Magnani 1

David Magnani Chair