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Speakers at EAG

Many of EAG’s meetings are highlighted by an outside speaker who is an expert in some type of field that has interest for our members. Speakers are nominated by a member of the group and brought in if enough members see value in the talk.
The speakers at EAG meetings are usually experts on topics from strategic planning, to finance, sales, marketing, leadership, and work life balance.


At EAG we take our roster of speakers pretty seriously. As a group, we understand and respect that all of our individual members have incredibly busy work schedules and to that end we do not bring in speakers who we don’t feel will be beneficial to a majority of our members. The EAG membership group is a pretty sophisticated audience, so we have very little tolerance for fluff or canned presentations. We only bring in speakers who will be compelling and offer instructive insight and presentations.

Our speakers tend to be broad-based in the topics they cover, but that doesn’t mean we never bring in people who have a more concentrated focus. Even if a guest speaker is an expert in a field that is not related to your specific industry, there are always insights and takeaways that can be applied to any field. EAG is always looking to host dynamic speakers who not only give expert advice and learnings, but spark intelligent, invested conversation from our members.

Past Speakers Hosted by EAG

• Susan Brower – MN State Demographer
• Mark Ritchie – Secretary of State for Minnesota
• Cordell Dietz – CEO of Horton
• Fred Sutter – CEO of Motion Tech Automation
• Mark Scally – CEO at Scalco, Inc.
• Kurt Gonyea – CEO/President of General Marketing Solutions
• Pres Colwell – President at Buddy’s Kitchen
• Ehssan Taghizadeh – CEO/Co-Founder of Apadana, LLC
• Barb Krantz-Co – Principal and Executive Coach at The Bailey Group
• Scott Welle – Performance Consultant: Outperform the Norm
• Mark Ronnei – General Manager of Grand View Lodge Resort
• Tim McNiff – was Executive Director at Media Minefield, now has own company Tim McNiff and Associates
• Andy Eckert – President/CEO of Imperial Plastics
• Don Oren – Chairmen/CEO of Dart Transportation
• Greg Kvidera – COO at Canvas Craft Inc
• Jon Davis – EVP Ingredients at Agropur, former CEO of Davisco Foods
• Cecily Sommers – Author of, “Think Like a Futurist”
• Dina Simon – Founder of Simon Says Lead
• Dan Boivin – Chairman of the MAC and EVP of HealthMine
• Tom Dybsky – Former VP of Administration at Tennant
• Todd Colten – Chief Aerospace Engineer at Sentera LLC, President/Owner at Colten Antiheavy LLC
• Ed Kashmarek – Economist/Public Speaker; The Everyday Economist
• Chris Farrell – Columnist at Star Tribune, Next Avenue, and Money.com, Economics Correspondent at
Makertplace Morning Report and Minnesota Public Radio
• Mark McFadden – Candidate for MN Senate
• Mike Braun – Owner/Partner at Pivotal Advisors
• Sarah Sladek – CEO of XYZ University
• Art Johnson – CEO of Infinity Systems, Inc.
• Ken Ritterspach – EOS Certified Implementer at Traction Results LLC
• Jim Link – Founder of Idea-Link Inc., Author IDEA-LINKS
• Sean O’Driscoll – Certified EOS Implementer at Achieve Traction
• Ben Graves – Director of Research & Compliance at Hays Companines
• Larry Hill – Senior Portfolio Manager at Alliance Bernstein
• David Berghult – Managing Director at Bernstein Global Wealth Management