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Social Gatherings

Social Gatherings

Making Relationships

On our “Five Reasons to Join EAG” group page, we list reason number five as “Fun”. One of the many things our long-standing members have come to appreciate the most about their EAG membership is the relationships they have developed with other members of the group.

Many of our members have formed life-long friendships that began with their membership at EAG.

EAG is proud of the fact that many of our members still choose to get together socially as well. Bonds are formed at our meetings. It’s not often that you get to meet with people who are in similar work situations as you are. There is a lot of stress and responsibility in being a CEO, COO, or a President of a company. The welfare of your company has a residual impact on all those you employ and many of those you do business with. It helps to have a group of folks you can turn to that understand the responsibilities and that are inherent in running a business.

Social events that EAG members have engaged in in the past include wine tastings, golf outings, Twins, Wild and Timberwolves games and dinner parties.