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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is required with and EAG membership?

At EAG we meet once a month for a half day on a Friday from 7:30 to 11am. EAG meetings take place on a rotating basis at member’s offices. We never assign homework and our extracurricular activities are never mandatory. We know how busy you are and the goal of EAG membership is to make your life easier, not harder.

How large is the EAG group?

EAG groups are typically up to 12 members. Our small group size ensures that each member has a voice and receives enough focus on their leadership and business challenges.

What types of businesses participate at EAG?

EAG is comprised of a wide range of participants, from large to small companies, different business models and industries. EAG believes that diversity in its group leads to a broader mix of ideas and perspectives and leads to more illuminating sessions. Are only rule on business type is that we won’t bring on any competitors of our existing members.

How long do people participate in EAG?

There is no defined end-point for participation in EAG. We have some members that have been with the group for over 10 years. Our suggestion is to stay a member for as long as you feel like your participation is beneficial to you.

How does EAG handle confidentiality?

At EAG all of our members take confidentiality very seriously. In order for our meetings to be beneficial our members bring their most sensitive and confidential issues to the table in order to get well-reasoned, intelligent feedback. Every member of EAG pledges to keep the information shared secret and signs a confidentiality agreement. The agreement also addresses having public companies in the group.

Do EAG members ever get together outside of the meetings?

Although participation at outside events is never mandatory, EAG members absolutely get together outside of the meetings. Many of our members have formed life-long friendships that began at EAG. You can visit our social gatherings page to see more on this.